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Pages allow you to build custom graphical interfaces using Blocks provided by your workspace and its AppInstances :


At the right appears the list of available blocks separated by AppInstance : multiple instances of the same app will provide the same blocks, each of them consuming the data, endpoints & configuration from their respective instance.


Blocks are web graphical components hosted anywhere on the web, which can then be integrated & configured inside a Page.

In order to make a block available to the page editor, it needs to be declared inside a blocks field at the root of the workspace source code :

    name: Block name
    description: Block description 
  • The lowercased editor stands for the technical name that will be referenced inside your pages
  • The name: Editor stands for the human readable name showing up inside the page editor
  • url might references a .js entrypoint for the block, or any other URL that will be loaded inside an iframe.

If url points to a .js file, this must be the entrypoint of a BlockProtocol module.