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Conditionally execute instructions

Parameters :

No parameter

Children nodes :
Every conditions will be represented as parallel branches on your graph, each beginning with a blue box allowing you to edit the condition itself, followed by the instruction that you will add for that specific condition.

A default branch is automatically added to configure what instructions to execute when no other condition matches.

More details on Conditions syntax


Execute a list of instructions N times, or for each record from an array or object variable

Parameters :

  • on : An array or object variable name to loop on. Each record will be available inside an item variable
  • until : A number of times to repeat this loop. Each iteration number will be stored inside an item variable

If on and until parameters are used together, only the first until items from on will be iterated.

Children nodes :
When adding a Repeat instruction, a new graph branch will appear, allowing you to create the instructions that will be repeated.


Stops currently executing automation

Parameters :

  • scope : If set to all, breaks all parents automations


Execute the given instructions in parallel

Coming soon


Set a new or existing variable

Parameters :

  • name : Variable name
  • value : Variable value (might be a JSON object, a string, a number, ...)
  • lifespan : Coming soon

When setting object fields, parent objects are created on-the-fly :

- set:
    value: ok
Here, some and are automatically created :
  "some": {
    "house": {
      "field": "ok

It is also possible to create lists and automatically add items to their end with a variable name suffix [] :

- set:
    name: session.names[]
    value: Mickael

Each time this set is executed, Mickael is appended to the session.names list variable.


Delete a variable

Parameters :

  • name : Variable name


Sends an HTTP request to call external web services

Parameters :

  • URL : Target URL
  • method : Request method (get | post | put | patch | delete)
  • headers : Request headers
  • body : Request body (might be a JSON object, a string, a number, ...)
  • output : Name of the variable that will store the response body


Emit a new event.

Parameters :

  • event : Event name
  • payload : JSON object that will be sent as the event payload


Wait for an event. Pauses the current execution until the requested event is received.

Parameters :

  • oneOf : Pauses until one of these events is received
  • timeout : If waits timeouts after N seconds, resume execution & outputs an empty result. Defaults to 20
  • output : Name of the variable that will store the received event

oneOf parameter :
List of event candidates with the following parameters :

  • event : Event name, required
  • filters : Free form JSON object for filtering on any event fields. For example :
    - wait:
          event: someEvent
            source.correlationId: '{{run.correlationId}}'
  • cancelTriggers : If true, cancels the execution of the usual triggers for this event. Other waits still receive this event.