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Configuration services can be configured through various environment variables.
In a docker setup, you can tune these variables inside the root docker-compose.yml file (docker-compose configuration).

In a developer setup, you can create a services/*/.env file contaning key / values pairs as follows :

Then, for when you want to run this service directly from its docker image, you can also add an env_file option to its services/*/docker-compose.yml file :
    entrypoint: npm start  --prefix services/console
    restart: on-failure
      - '3000:3000'
    env_file: ./.env

Environment variables

Note 1 : Some variable default values might change depending on the selected start mode (Docker or Developer), especially URL-related ones
Note 2 : Relative paths start from the executing service directory

Name Service Description Default value
BROKER_HOST All services Redis broker URL (must be the same accross services) redis://localhost:6379/0
BROKER_PASSWORD All services Redis broker password
BROKER_NAMESPACE All services Optional namespace to segment events in case the same database instance is shared by multiple platforms
BROKER_TOPIC_MAXLEN All services Redis streams max length before getting truncated (See Capped Streams) 10000
BROKER_EMIT_MAXLEN All services Maximum size (in bytes) of emitted events 100000
PERMISSIONS_STORAGE_HOST All services MongoDB URL for permissions storage (must be the same for both workspaces & events) mongodb://localhost:27017/permissions
OPENAPI_FILEPATH All services Requests & events validation swagger filepath ../specifications/swagger.yml
GATEWAY_API_HOST api-gateway, workspaces api-gateway internal URL http://localhost:3001/v2
PORT console Listening port number 3000
API_HOST console api-gateway public URL
PORT api-gateway Listening port number 3001
GATEWAY_CONFIG_PATH api-gateway gateway.config.yml path ../../gateway.config.yml
SESSION_COOKIES_MAX_AGE api-gateway Session cookies expiration (in seconds) 2592000 (1 month)
SESSION_COOKIES_SIGN_SECRET api-gateway Session cookies signing secret
INTERNAL_API_KEY api-gateway API Key allowing internal services fetching /contacts API
USERS_STORAGE_HOST api-gateway MongoDB URL for users storage mongodb://localhost:27017/users
SESSIONS_STORAGE_HOST api-gateway Redis URL for sessions storage redis://localhost:6379/0
SESSIONS_STORAGE_PASSWORD api-gateway Redis password for sessions storage
PASSWORD_VALIDATION_REGEXP api-gateway Password validation regexp .{8,32}
WORKSPACES_API_URL api-gateway prismeai-workspaces internal URL http://workspaces:3002
EVENTS_API_URL api-gateway prismeai-events internal URL http://events:3004
RUNTIME_API_URL api-gateway prismeai-runtime internal URL http://runtime:3003
X_FORWARDED_HEADERS api-gateway Add X-Forwarded-* headers on proxied requests yes
REQUEST_MAX_SIZE api-gateway Maximum request body size (format from bodyParser.json) 1mb
PORT events Listening port number 3004
EVENTS_STORAGE_ES_HOST events Elasticsearch URL for events persistance http://localhost:9200
EVENTS_STORAGE_ES_USER events Elasticsearch user for events persistance
EVENTS_STORAGE_ES_PASSWORD events Elasticsearch password for events persistance
EVENTS_TOPICS_CACHE_HOST events Redis URL for event userTopics persistance. BROKER_HOST variable
EVENTS_TOPICS_CACHE_PASSWORD events Redis password for event userTopics persistance.
EVENTS_BUFFER_FLUSH_AT events Persists events in the datalake each N events 128
EVENTS_BUFFER_HIGH_WATERMARK events Stops listening for new events to be persisted when N events are already waiting to be persisted 256
EVENTS_BUFFER_FLUSH_EVERY events Persists events every N milliseconds even if EVENTS_BUFFER_FLUSH_AT has not been reached 5000
EVENTS_RETENTION_DAYS events Number of days events are kept inside the datalake before being removed 180
EVENTS_SCHEDULED_DELETION_DAYS events Number of days events are kept inside the datalake after deleting their workspace 90
SOCKETIO_REDIS_HOST events Redis host for redis adapter Same as BROKER_HOST env var
SOCKETIO_REDIS_PASSWORD events Redis password for redis adapter Same as BROKER_PASSWORD env var
SOCKETIO_COOKIE_MAX_AGE events cookie maxAge Default value from 'cookie' NodeJS module
EVENTS_STORAGE_ES_BULK_REFRESH events Enable Elastic "refresh" option when bulk inserting events (might induce overhead) no
WORKSPACES_STORAGE_TYPE runtime & workspaces Workspaces storage driver (FILESYSTEM | S3_LIKE). Must be the same instance for both runtime & workspaces. FILESYSTEM
WORKSPACES_STORAGE_FILESYSTEM_DIRPATH runtime & workspaces Workspaces filesystem storage : directory path ../../data/models/
WORKSPACES_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_ACCESS_KEY runtime & workspaces Workspaces s3 like storage : access key
WORKSPACES_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_SECRET_KEY runtime & workspaces Workspaces s3 like storage : secret key
WORKSPACES_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_BASE_URL runtime & workspaces Workspaces s3 like storage : base url
WORKSPACES_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_ENDPOINT runtime & workspaces Workspaces s3 like storage : endpoint
WORKSPACES_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_BUCKET_NAME runtime & workspaces Workspaces s3 like storage : bucket name
WORKSPACES_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_REGION runtime & workspaces Workspaces s3 like storage : region
PORT runtime Listening port number 3003
CONTEXTS_CACHE_HOST runtime Redis URL for contexts persistance. redis://localhost:6379/0
CONTEXTS_CACHE_PASSWORD runtime Redis password for contexts persistance.
MAXIMUM_SUCCESSIVE_CALLS runtime Maximum number of automation execution for the same correlation id (i.e initiated by the same webhook or external event) 20
CONTEXT_RUN_EXPIRE_TIME runtime Run context expiration time in seconds. 60
CONTEXT_UNAUTHENTICATED_SESSION_EXPIRE_TIME runtime Session context expiration time in seconds for unauthenticated sessions 60*60 (1 hour)
PUBLIC_API_URL runtime Runtime public URL (with ending **/v2**), fulfills **global.apiUrl** and **global.endpoints** variables None
ADDITIONAL_GLOBAL_VARS_* runtime Additional variables that will be available from global context (ADDITIONAL_GLOBAL_VARS_apiUrl will be available as {{global.apiUrl}}). None
PORT workspaces Listening port number 3002
UPLOADS_STORAGE_TYPE workspaces Uploads storage driver (FILESYSTEM | S3_LIKE). Must be the same instance for workspaces. FILESYSTEM
UPLOADS_STORAGE_FILESYSTEM_DIRPATH workspaces Uploads filesystem storage : directory path ../../data/uploads
UPLOADS_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_ACCESS_KEY workspaces Uploads s3 like storage : access key
UPLOADS_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_SECRET_KEY workspaces Uploads s3 like storage : secret key
UPLOADS_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_BASE_URL workspaces Uploads s3 like storage : base url
UPLOADS_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_ENDPOINT workspaces Uploads s3 like storage : endpoint
UPLOADS_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_BUCKET_NAME workspaces Uploads s3 like storage : bucket name
UPLOADS_STORAGE_S3_LIKE_REGION workspaces Uploads s3 like storage : region
UPLOADS_FILESYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_URL workspaces Base download URL for files uploaded to filesystem driver Upload/Get request URL
UPLOADS_MAX_SIZE workspaces Max upload size in bytes 10000000 (10MB)
UPLOADS_ALLOWED_MIMETYPES workspaces Allowed upload mimetypes, comma-separated image/*,text/*,video/*,audio/*,application/*